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My arts about everything I love. Especially TV-Shows. My works are nothing special, just some Time-Killer. ;)
I don't post here my old arts, just the new stuff. So, thanks for stopping by.
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The Blacklist - Who is Tom?
Doctor Walter Bishop and Doctor Gregory House 

The Blacklist - Red and Lizzy

Made for all the Lizzington shippers.. ;)
The Blacklist - Raymond Reddington
The Blacklist - Red & Lizzy - Fantasy Fanart

"Raymond Reddington’s Fairy Tale"
Fringe - Olivia Dunham

3x09 Marionette
"She wasn’t me, how could you not see that?"
The Blacklist - Raymond Reddington

The Blacklist - Season 2 Fanart

Wallpaper, Timeline Cover and Icon

The Blacklist - Tom and Elizabeth Keen

"My Job was to love her, but never to hurt her."
The Blacklist - Raymond Reddington